Chicken Strips

Bite-Sized Chicken Breast Strips

chicken-stripsAt BrucePac, we know you need more than great product. You need ideas that inspire you and plating techniques that deliver value. Try these ‘kitchen tested’ tips from the field…

Test-drive our shorter, slightly thinner chicken breast strips – you’ll love the benefits! Only 1-3 inches long, these 3/8″ thick breast strips look great and are easier to eat!

  • Stylish size – you’ll use them in more dishes!
  • Shorter length – no need to cut
  • Increase plate appeal – reduce portion size and costs

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Size Contrast: Two Chicken Breast Strips


Top: New Fire Roasted 3/8″ Thick Chicken Breast Strips, CC1807
Impress your customers with this delicious, attractive, cost effective choice!

Bottom: Grilled 1/2″ Thick Chicken Breast Strip, CC0135
A natural length strip.