New Plate Appeal with the “Right” Chicken

new-plate-appealBrucePac is always on the hunt for ideas to keep your menu new for your customers.

Here’s a tip that updates the “look” of lunch salads. Each of the salads above were prepared with the same lettuce, same garnish and only 2 oz. of chicken breast. That’s right – ONLY 2 oz. of chicken! You’ll be surprised by the plate coverage the “right” chicken will give you. Increase appeal and reduce portion costs at the same time!

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Grilled 1/2″ Thick Chicken Breast Strips (CC0135)
Natural length strips.


Grilled “Kitchen Cut” Diced Chicken Breast (CC1771)
Ready to go!


Fire Roasted Small Random Diced Chicken Breast (CC1824)
You’ll love the look!