Food & Plant Safety

The most important component to the success of BrucePac has been our commitment to continuously meeting customer specifications, regulatory requirements and provide safe wholesome high quality products.

We take great pride in the fact that both of our production facilities have achieved a BRC grade “A” rating, the highest possible accreditation globally for the production of wholesome, safe, quality foods. You can rest assured that our senior management is fully committed to food safety/security and our team members are well versed in the stringent guidelines and protocols associated with this rating.

To further insure the production of quality products, our plants are outfitted with state of the art equipment, including multiple x-ray machines and metal detection. These are just another example of BrucePac’s commitment in the production of the highest quality products available today.

Our onsite laboratory tests all finished products and completes environmental sampling ensuring both food safety and quality parameters are maintained to provide safe wholesome products. We maintain a test and hold program, nothing leaves our facility until all products pass the various microbiological tests and pre-shipment food safety reviews.

When you add it all up; food safety protocols, state of the art equipment, onsite laboratory, and test and hold procedures, you can rest assured you are receiving safe, quality products each and every time you place an order.