R&D Facility

Quick response, years of experience, cutting edge ideas, and a willingness to develop products to your exact specifications. These are all key “ingredients” to a very successful Research and Development team. Here at BrucePac, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet your product development expectations, whether it’s to your exact formulation, or ideation for a future project, BrucePac’s R&D team is your go to source for product development.
We have a team of full-time food technicians working around the clock in our 17,000 square foot R&D facility ready to assist you in the development of your products. Our test facility is a scaled-down version of our actual production facility, enabling us to produce products under “real-time” production conditions. This affords you the opportunity to see how your new product would perform under actual production conditions, assisting you in not only taste and performance evaluations, but also helping you to establish finished cost to your new product.
Over the years, our professional Research and Development team has been responsible for the development of over 2,000 different products, across a wide range of proteins. At BrucePac we like to say, “If you can dream it – we most likely can develop it”. How can we help you develop your future today?