An 83kW solar array at the Woodburn, OR plant

An 83kW solar array at the Woodburn, OR plant

BrucePac is committed to developing a culture of sustainable business practices and strives to be a leader in waste reduction, environmental protection and conservation. Our goal is to improve environmentally, socially, and economically (the three pillars of sustainability) now and in the future.


BrucePac operates two landfill free sites and a third that recycles and reuses bio materials for agricultural fertilizer. Our products come from the environment and we need to make every effort to be a good steward of the planet. Some of our many accomplishments are listed below:

    • Won 2014’s Large Sustainable Business from the Mid-Willamette Valley Green Awards.
    • Maintain EarthWISE and Food Alliance certifications, proving our efforts.



BrucePac donates products to charities, supports multiple local recreation sports leagues, and even has an intercompany scholarship for BrucePac families to pursue higher education. Besides for being an active member of our local communities BrucePac has a Green Team program and Energy Bucks program to reward and train our staff to be environmentally aware when at home or at work.



In order to be truly sustainable you need a sustainable business that provides jobs and helps to support local small business and industry. BrucePac employs hundreds of people and we are only working to grow.

  • To support local business, BrucePac upcycles some of our 5 gallon buckets with a local flower shop.
  • BrucePac uses local suppliers for many of our raw ingredients and facility needs.
  • Full time employees enjoy benefits and further education opportunities to help improve themselves and BrucePac.

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Statement from the Sustainability Coordinator

BrucePac, our Green Teams, and I are all working together to improve the environment and our community. We believe that preservation of our natural resources and energy future requires investment in sustainability. The success of our endeavors will be measured through our carbon footprint. Shown at the right, our carbon footprint measures CO2 emissions from our operations with a 2010 baseline of 33,000 metric tons of carbon.

The results of BrucePac’s carbon footprint are seen as an opportunity for us to pursue projects in conservation and sustainability. Social, Economic and Environmental demands must be mutually reinforced for a company to improve the planet and the community around it. That is why we are developing a culture of sustainable business practices and continually strive to be a leader in recycling, environmental impact, and energy conservation. Projects we have pursued to improve ourselves can be seen in the table at the right.

We believe that conservation and sustainability are ongoing processes. Future projects will be attempted to improve conservation and the environment. BrucePac will continue to update our carbon footprint and make an effort to do right by Oregon, and the planet.

For questions or concerns regarding sustainability, please contact:

Keith Beckman – 503-874-3000
Energy & Sustainability Coordinator