BrucePac Offers Customized Packaging Solutions for Your Protein

BrucePac is passionate about producing deliciously flavored and perfectly prepared proteins. And we know, in the end, it all comes down to your customer’s experience. Ensuring their satisfaction and your brand’s reputation, can often rely as much on the packaging as on the product it contains.

We offer our customers a total custom packaging program which includes a full spectrum of packaging solutions for industrial, foodservice, and retail that protect product integrity, prolong shelf life, and portray your brand in the very best light.

Portion Pack Film Packaging Capabilities

Pillow Bag

Gusseted Bag

Vacuum Pouch

Vacuum Pouch Saddle Pack


  • Ideal for IQF small portions – diced, strips, crumbles, meatballs, nuggets
  • Poly film suitable for frozen portioned pouches
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for extended refrigerator shelf life
  • Easy tear film available
  • Pouch sizes from 2oz – 5lbs


  • Ideal for whole chicken breasts, burger patties and more
  • Vacuum packaging for cook-in bag applications
  • Sauce dispensing capabilities
  • Various sizes from single serve to 5lbs bulk
  • Some available as saddle packs
All film is BPA-Free and can be pre-printed.

BrucePac Retail-Ready Packaging

Once a prepared protein is sealed inside a film pouch, we have a variety of packaging options to present the product to the customer.

  • Cartons – pouch is sealed in a branded carton
  • Trays – pouch is place in trays with a branded sleeve and plastic overwrap
  • Sleeves – pouch is wrapped with cardboard sleeve and plastic overwrap
  • Pre-printed Bags – bags are hand-filled and sealed

BrucePac also has a variety of packaging accessory options – Laser Printed Code, Dates, Film Overwrap, Scale Labeling, Display Cases, and Custom Labels whatever your custom packaging needs, BrucePac can deliver.