Who We Serve

We’re experts in creating custom industrial, ingredient-based cooked proteins.

It’s not just about creating perfectly crafted meat products. For more than 6 decades, we’ve been partnering with our customers to deliver on-trend and profitable protein solutions. Whether you need a custom ethnic flavor profile or a specific product match, our team brings their years of experience to offer fresh ideas and solutions for your next project. When you are looking for industrial, ingredient-based custom proteins, look no further than BrucePac.  

We create the right custom proteins for foodservice operators and distributors.

We use only the highest quality, all-natural cuts of chicken, beef, pork, turkey and combinations of plant-based proteins, then season them to your specifications. Our fully-cooked proteins range from simple, natural tastes to more complex layers of balanced flavors to CN labeled products in any combination of portion size and finish to give your menu a competitive edge. Whatever your customers crave, BrucePac® can create it.

We understand the retail protein business.

Whatever your packaged protein needs, look to BrucePac for the solution. Urban Bruce™ offers a complete line of delicious, gourmet prepared meats that are fully cooked and ready to add to pasta, soups, salads or served alone as a consistently satisfying appetizer or entrée. We do whatever it takes to bring your exact vision to life, and then bring it to market quickly.