Always looking to the future.


BrucePac is a leader in waste reduction, environmental protection and conservation.

  • Developed a carbon footprint as a metric to measure our progress
  • Implemented operational changes to cut energy and reduce waste
  • Reduced carbon emissions (down over 5% since 2009)
  • Cut electricity use by 16% since 2009

We use an innovative water recycling system to separate oil and grease from processing water where grease is turned into biodiesel and water is reused for equipment cooling and gray water needs.

  • Saves 2.5 million gallons of water per year
  • Garnered the 2015 EarthWISEâ„¢ Sustainable Large Business of the Year Award

Our Oregon facilities are 100% landfill free, recycling every material possible.

  • Wastewater solids are used as a soil amendment for local farms
  • Anything not reused or recycled is sent to a waste-to-energy plant, converting power back into the electric grid

Our facility in Oklahoma recycles and reuses bio material for agricultural fertilizer as we work towards achieving our zero-landfill goal there, too.

BrucePac facilities are powered by one of the largest private solar power systems.

BrucePac is committed to supporting our community.

Social, economic and environmental efforts must be mutually supported for a company to be truly sustainable. Our work to give back to the community is as important as our ongoing commitment toward preserving the environment.


  • Donate thousands of pounds of product to local food banks and charities
  • Support multiple local sports leagues, rotary clubs and Oregon Habitat for Humanity with financial support and volunteers
  • Offer intercompany scholarships for BrucePac families for higher education
  • Train and reward staff for environmental awareness efforts
  • Maintain an above average safety record and positive work environment


  • Provide jobs that support local small business and industry
  • Support local business by upcycling 5-gallon buckets with a local flower shop
  • Use local suppliers for many raw ingredients and facility needs
  • Employ hundreds of people in each community and growing

BrucePac is recognized for our sustainable practices.

Our continuing commitment to shrink our carbon footprint and improve sustainability practices is ongoing and ingrained into our culture and business model and has been recognized by prestigious independent third-party organizations.