Research and Development

Research & Development

Custom Crafted & Commercialized.

If you can dream it…we can help bring that dream to life.  BrucePac’s R&D team has the expertise to customize a match or develop a new item to your exact specifications. From concept to commercialization, we partner with you every step of the way to ensure success.

Our strength is our speed to market capabilities. Most custom requests can move from concept and design to a final sample with yield data and pricing within a few weeks. In some cases, in just days. We have a wider range of capabilities to do things other manufacturers won’t do or can’t do – whether it’s a smaller order, out of the box problem-solving or going out of our way to satisfy demanding timelines.

The dream begins in our innovative pilot plant, a proprietary, miniaturized version of our full processing lines.

It is here that custom protein formulations are created, tested and approved in “real-time” production conditions. This allows our customers to see exactly how the product will taste and perform, and allows us to establish an accurate finished cost, before committing to a full production run.

One of the most important components to our success and yours, is our commitment to continuously meet customer specifications, while delivering responsibly sourced, all-natural products. We carefully control every aspect of the development process, even down to creating our own seasoning mixes to keep the ingredient list of your custom protein as simple and “clean” as possible.

Designing your protein, your way.